The Practice – Tandartspraktijk Avelli – Bergen

The Practice


The practice, just outside the centre of Bergen, is brand new and the dentist and his assistants therefore have the very latest apparatus and technologies at their disposal.

Here they provide all conceivable treatments that keep teeth healthy, strong and looking beautiful. Obviously, Dr Avelli provides regular dental care, but the practice also caters for implants, aesthetic corrections, gum problems (periodontology) and jaw complaints (gnathology).


When a tooth can no longer be ‘patched up’, after an accident, for instance, or simply as a result of age and wear, it is usually possible to replace it. An artificial root made of titanium is first inserted directly (and painlessly) into the bone. After a time, this implant integrates fully with the jaw and when that has happened, a fixed cap, a bridge or a removable prosthesis is fitted on top.

In the Netherlands, patients often have to see an oral surgeon in a hospital for such treatment, but Dr Avelli is a certified implantologist who performs the requisite surgery at the practice. To that end, the dental surgery itself therefore meets the stricter standards of sterility and hygiene that apply to oral surgery.


Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry, a.k.a. cosmetic dentistry, combines art and science to provide optimal dental care that focuses not only on functional aspects, but more specifically on aesthetic considerations.

In the past years, many techniques have been developed to help people who are not entirely satisfied with the colour, or general appearance of their teeth. These vary from whitening to more complicated solutions such as facings, caps and implants.

Each set of teeth is unique, as is the way in which people see themselves in the mirror. For that reason, we will first thoroughly inspect your teeth and jaw before drawing up a treatment plan based on the options and your wishes and budget.

Would you like to like to find out what aesthetic dentistry can do for you? Feel free to give us a call.


Periodontitis is an inflammatory disease affecting the periodontium, the supporting tissue surrounding your teeth, such as the gums, jawbone and periodontal ligament. Periodontology is the specialisation within the field of dentistry focussed specifically on the treatment of this disease. When periodontitis is diagnosed, a step-by-step treatment plan is drawn up. In most cases, improved oral hygiene – carried out by you in consultation with the dentist – will suffice. In others, a more effortful approach is required. Your dentist will tell you more.


Gerodontology is the branch of dentistry dealing with aging and aged or/and vulnerable patients.

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