English – Tandartspraktijk Avelli – Bergen


Dental practice for aesthetic and general dental care, implantology, periodontology and gerodontics.

The European Dentist-Implantologist 

Welcome to Dental Practice Avelli, the brand new surgery for all ages in Bergen (NH). In addition to providing general dental care, the dentist is a certified implantologist and our practice has the facilities to surgically insert dental implants on site. Our other specialisations include:

  • aesthetic dentistry
  • implantology
  • periodontology
  • gnathology
  • endodontology
  • oral surgery
  • gerodontics

Dental Practice Avelli is your one-stop shop for comprehensive dental care, where we will ensure that your pearly whites remain healthy, strong and beautiful.

Select Your Language 

Being able to properly communicate with your dentist is of the utmost importance. Not just so that you fully understand what’s going on, but perhaps even more so in order to feel completely at ease. Dr Avelli speaks six different languages. Very good English, of course, but also Dutch, Italian, French, German and Luxembourgish. Feel free to select your language, as we like to provide that little bit of extra service to the region’s international community.


For further information, or to make an appointment, please feel free to call us. You can also fill in the contact form, in which case we will be in touch at the earliest convenience.